Mar 152015

In my opinion most of us have too much stuff. “Stuff” – you know all the trinkets, personal possessions, material things that are cluttering our houses and our brains. On a scale of 1 (100 items) to 10 (hoarder) where do you stand? Come on, be honest. I am around a 5 I believe and am working hard every day to get rid of more stuff. My ultimate plan is to downsize in one of the popular Tiny Houses (500 sq feet or less) but I haven’t succeeded yet.

How to do feel about stuff? Check out this article from Jeremy McCarthy and his views on stuff. Makes you think about how you can do more to stop drowning yourself.

My rule is that every item I bring into my house, an item of the same size must come out. If I buy a new shirt, I have to get rid of an old one. This rule helps me to at least keep me from getting more stuff than I have now.

How do you handle your stuff? Do you need help downsizing and organizing? What is your downsizing goal?

Let me know and Happy Downsizing! Suzy

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