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Suzy has been helping people and studying how to better help people her whole life. She has a diverse background with a common theme of development for herself and the people she invites into her life. She has been described as a leader, a goal setter, an inspiration and a guide to the employees, clients and friends that have worked with her.

Apr 282018

I love reading and go to the library every two weeks! Here is why you should too.

The library is a great free resource for books, e-books, magazines etc. There is nothing like just walking the aisles and randomly picking up books to read on all different types of topics. I easily bring home 10-20 books to last over 2 weeks.  It is a goal of mine to read at least 30 minutes a day. This not only keeps me out of trouble but sharpens my saw! You should try it! Let me know what you are reading.

Source: Why You Should be Reading Books Every Day, According to Science |

Aug 012017

Many people are talking about happiness at work and what benefits will keep your employees happy and engaged. Check out this article on what works.

My short list is:
1. Leaders that share and live the Vision of the company with employees.
2. A safe place to work and express your ideas. Micromanagement is out!
3. Thank you -individual expression of thanks to employees for specific things they have accomplished
4. Recognize your employee strengths and stop trying to “Fix” the 20% they don’t do well and encourage the 20% that is their true strengths.

Jul 202017

A friend recommended the book,  Younger Next Year, 

and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what Chris Crowley and Henry S Lodge, MD recommend to make your “next third” happy and more enjoyable. If you are looking to energize yourself and plan for retirement, check out this book. It truly can change your life! I am onboard with the plan and have already started to see some good results. Learning about the effects of exercise, your attitude and socialization can save your retirement from being a “slowing down” phase of your life to being the next great adventure! Check it out!


Jul 132017

I am excited to be attending the 5th World Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association #WCPP17 in Montreal and can’t wait to hear all the new research coming out of this growing discipline. In the meantime, check out this article from Andria Corso on common traits of truly happy people. Do you consider yourself happy?


Source: Common Traits of Truly Happy (and Successful) People | Andria Corso | Pulse | LinkedIn

May 262017

Love this article from Gretchen Rubin on her advice to graduates. I think this advice applies no matter your age. It is worth the read and pondering the questions. Check it out!


Source: My Best Advice for Graduates: 12 Tips for A Happy Life | Gretchen Rubin | Pulse | LinkedIn

Apr 092017

I recommend you read the book by the founders of Live is Good Company and learn how they view life.–how-to-live-with-purpose-and-enjoy-the-ride-27887.html. Bert and John Jacobs are an inspiration and this book has many tidbits of wisdom worth learning.

Many times we  feel stress and dread going to work or thinking about an upcoming activities. In the book, they talk about how lucky they are each day to be enjoying life and bringing smiles to people. Even though they had many struggles and it took years to get the company going, they did not give up.

I encourage each of you to take their mantra of changing out the words “I have to” to “I get to” and see what effect that has on your life. Will you give it a try? Let me know how it goes!

For me, I am trying to incorporate this easy change into my daily statements. Today I get to clean my house, I get to visit with friends and tomorrow I get to go to work!

Why the Cost of Living Is Poised to Plummet in the Next 20 Years

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Jul 242016

What will your life look like in 5 years, 10 year, and 20 years? These sound like typical interview questions but you really should be asking yourself these questions at least once a year even if you are not changing jobs right now. Read this article by Dr. Peter Diamandis on how the cost of living is changing and changing at a fast pace. What does this mean for you? Will your current job still exist in the future?

How we live and pay for things are changing fast and traditional jobs are being replaced by technology. Many people don’t want to face this reality and the longer they bury their heads in the sand, the harder the change will be for them.

Here are few recommendations for keeping current and designing your future life:

  1. Learn – Become a “Life Learner” and digest the latest trends and technology. Subscribe to an online course.
  2. Learn – Subscribe to Inc. magazine or Wired Magazine – learn more about what startup companies are doing and what other unique ways people are making money.
  3. Become a part of the “YouEconomy” – explore Taskrabbit or Etsy and start thinking about which services and products you can use to contribute to the new “YouEconomy” and to your bottom line.
  4. Network – follow thought leaders in the areas that interest you most. Are you interested in learning how Drones will be used and regulated? Do research. Explore who and where to be to learn about the topics and technologies that interest you most.
  5. Do Something – take action every day even it if is 5 minutes to enhance your skills and knowledge.

It is an exciting time and Today is the day to start investing in your future self! Good Luck and let me know what tasks you do to create your best future!

Source: Why the Cost of Living Is Poised to Plummet in the Next 20 Years   By DR. PETER DIAMANDIS


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