Aug 012017

Many people are talking about happiness at work and what benefits will keep your employees happy and engaged. Check out this article on what works.

My short list is:
1. Leaders that share and live the Vision of the company with employees.
2. A safe place to work and express your ideas. Micromanagement is out!
3. Thank you -individual expression of thanks to employees for specific things they have accomplished
4. Recognize your employee strengths and stop trying to “Fix” the 20% they don’t do well and encourage the 20% that is their true strengths.

May 262017

Love this article from Gretchen Rubin on her advice to graduates. I think this advice applies no matter your age. It is worth the read and pondering the questions. Check it out!


Source: My Best Advice for Graduates: 12 Tips for A Happy Life | Gretchen Rubin | Pulse | LinkedIn

The Mistake 99% of LinkedIn Users Make |

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May 092016

Don’t discount the power of LinkedIn. Many of our customers wonder why they are not getting hired or getting interviews. When they come to us for coaching it is sad to see how many don’t use LinkedIn or even understand it. It doesn’t matter what industry or what your job, we recommend everyone have a LinkedIn profile and use it often. This is the online face of your professional experience just like your work attire, it needs to be current.  Check out these tips on what Not to do on LinkedIn. Go forth and update your profile today!


With over 414 million users, here’s what most LinkedIn members are doing wrong.

Source: The Mistake 99% of LinkedIn Users Make |

Jul 042014

First off, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July! While you are celebrating, take a few minutes to thank those that have allowed us to have Independence and reflect on what Independence means for you personally.

As I was doing my morning walk this morning, I couldn’t help thinking about what independence means for me:

Independence as a nation – I am thankful to live in the USA and for all the independence that I enjoy because our fore fathers had the insight to draft and ratify the Constitution.  I am especially thankful to all those in the Arm Forces, Civil Services and Government that work and sacrifice every day so that we can enjoy our freedom. (ok not everyone in the Government – but you know what I mean!)

Independence as a person – I am thankful to my parents for raising me in an environment where Independence, free thinking and “risk taking” were encouraged. Their example has made a huge difference in the person I am today.

Independence as a parent – I am thankful to my children that tested their independence (leading to a few gray hairs!) and boundaries that lead them to grow up into successful young adults. Their willingness to try new things and take risks inspires me and makes me proud of them every day.

Financial Independence – First let me be clear I haven’t achieved financial independence but I have learned the value of saving and being thrifty. I am thankful I learned the adage, “pay yourself first” at a young age and have continued to save to achieve my goals. I am thankful to my grandparents and parents for teaching me that experiences and adventure are much more lasting and enjoyable than material things could ever be. “Less is More” in my book – smaller house, less stuff, less clothes and hopefully less stress!

Health Independence – I am thankful for finding doctors that work with me and set plans in place to keep me healthy and medication free whenever possible. In a world full of pill pushers and “quick” remedies, I am lucky to have found a path that keeps me in shape and healthy.

Independence as a Woman – I am thankful for the inspiration of my mother, my female bosses and all the Empowered Women I know for showing me a world where woman can be appreciated and respected. With so many women struggling in the world just for the rights to live free, vote and be equal, I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have come my way. I am also especially thankful for the men in my life that allow me to speak my mind and push me to achieve more in my career and my life.

Please share with me what Independence means on this special day. Enjoy!

May 142013

Dharmesh  Shah has put together a nice quiz to see how much you love your job. Take it here and find out where you are on the scale. 14 Telling Signs You Love Your Job | LinkedIn.

Once you have taken the quiz, learn more about how you can be satisfied at your job by contacting us for a complimentary 1/2 hr coaching session.


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