Apr 092017

I recommend you read the book by the founders of Live is Good Company and learn how they view life. http://www.lifeisgood.com/home-pet/life-is-good-the-book/life-is-good-the-book–how-to-live-with-purpose-and-enjoy-the-ride-27887.html. Bert and John Jacobs are an inspiration and this book has many tidbits of wisdom worth learning.

Many times we  feel stress and dread going to work or thinking about an upcoming activities. In the book, they talk about how lucky they are each day to be enjoying life and bringing smiles to people. Even though they had many struggles and it took years to get the company going, they did not give up.

I encourage each of you to take their mantra of changing out the words “I have to” to “I get to” and see what effect that has on your life. Will you give it a try? Let me know how it goes!

For me, I am trying to incorporate this easy change into my daily statements. Today I get to clean my house, I get to visit with friends and tomorrow I get to go to work!

Jan 032013

Project Management Offices in 2013: 4 Best Practices from Dell, IBM + More – Conspire: A @Mindjet Publication.

I agree with Chelsi Nakano on her observation of best practices for Project Management offices. All to often companies will hire a project manager expecting them to hit the ground running but not give them the tools and support internally to help them succeed quickly.

Coaching new staff whether it be a project manager, a consultant, a practice manager, or a developer on your company culture, processes and expectations is huge. If this step is not taken quickly and communicated to the entire company, then the new employee will struggle with fitting in. If you have invested in a through interview process, why would you not have a through “on-boarding” process to ensure success?

Think about your last hire and how well that went? Are there lessons learned from that process that can make your process better. I suggest you read this article and incorporate these 4 practices into your organization.

Let me know your comments and feedback on how this might work for you. Reach out and contact OTW Coaching if you need help implementing a new process and strategy for new hire success in your company.


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