Jul 202017

A friend recommended the book,  Younger Next Year, https://goo.gl/AbY6dW 

and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what Chris Crowley and Henry S Lodge, MD recommend to make your “next third” happy and more enjoyable. If you are looking to energize yourself and plan for retirement, check out this book. It truly can change your life! I am onboard with the plan and have already started to see some good results. Learning about the effects of exercise, your attitude and socialization can save your retirement from being a “slowing down” phase of your life to being the next great adventure! Check it out!


Apr 082013


Recent research by Plos One shows that getting outside and walking around, removing yourself from technology for 3-4 days can really refresh you and improves creativity as much as 50%. What are you doing to unwind and think clearly?  Check out the study link at the bottom for more details on the Plos One Study. 

I am a walker.  I try to walk everyday at a decent pace, outside without any head phones or “technological” distractions. I find this time is when I do my best thinking. If I am working through a business issue, thinking about an upcoming presentation or dealing with a difficult situation; I use this time to think through all the options and have conversations with myself about how I might best tackle something. Sounds crazy, but it really works for me. You should try it!

I know it is hard to detach and especially for 3-4 days at a time! Taking a break daily at least for an hour or so, in my mind, really improves my life in several areas:

1.       Exercise – I am getting my 30 minutes a day of brisk walking – great for the heart and not bad for keeping a slim figure either!

2.       Fresh Air – deep breathing and getting the fresh air deep into your lungs and gut helps you get oxygen into your blood stream. Just don’t walk next to a highway or major road – pick someplace that is quiet and in nature – not in traffic!

3.       Vitamin D – walking outside even for 30 minutes can help you absorb vitamin D which is essential for good health. I do recommend sun screen as you don’t want to risk your skin and getting skin cancer.

4.       Brian storming – walk with others and share your ideas. Bounce off the energy and thought processes of others that you might not necessarily interact with during a normal business day. Fresh insight and creativity can result from these discussions.

5.       Sleep – on the days when I walk, I find that sleep better at night. Getting enough sleep and quality sleep if important for everyone.

Take a break today and start finding a way that you can get outside on a regular basis. Who knows what ingenious new ideas will come of it or what other benefits you might find. Get out there today!

 Check out the study here:

PLOS ONE: Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings.


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